Today’s Christian Doctor – Spring 2017

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“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

“Can I ethically immunize my kids with a vaccine that has been produced using cells from an aborted baby?” The caller asking the question seemed to be sincere. During Stand to Reason’s call-in podcast, the questions vary widely—the nature of God, evangelism, ethics—and host Greg Koukl does a great job thinking on his feet and applying a biblical worldview.
Faith & HealthMedical MissionsSpring 2017

From Lost to Found: Transforming Hearts

My story starts out pretty normal, and you’ve probably heard stories just like this from others. As a child, I was raised in a good Christian home. I went to church on Sundays, was active in youth group and loved the Lord. I was saved when I was 11 or 12 years old, and I stayed involved in church until I graduated high school.
DentalFaith & HealthSpring 2017

My Transformation Story featuring Bill Sasser, DMD

We could give you a list a mile long with statistics about the work we do around the world. But those numbers don’t really show the amazing things God is doing through us as we seek to be "Transformed Doctors, Transforming the World."
Sexual MisconductSpring 2017

Professionalism in Healthcare: Medical Ethics and Jurisprudence

Sexual conduct between a doctor and a patient…is strictly forbidden. In ethical terms, it’s a never event. In a legal sense, it can be a crime. Physicians know it’s a line that can’t be crossed—it’s a prohibition as old as the Hippocratic Oath.”