CMDA Today (Formerly Today’s Christian Doctor™) is a full-color, quarterly magazine devoted to today’s issues in healthcare, including inspirational testimonies from fellow Christian healthcare professionals, public policy updates, glimpses into the future of healthcare and examples of how to integrate your faith into your practice.

This quarterly journal is distributed to our members. Many of our members tell us their families and patients enjoy reading this award-winning publication. While articles teach healthcare professionals how to integrate faith into their practice, it also includes testimonials from fellow Christian healthcare professionals, stories from the mission field and information on public policy issues.


CMDA Today – Fall 2022

In the Fall 2022 edition of CMDA Today, mentoring- contributing to the success of the next generation, the landmark Dobbs case decision, organizational diversity, being on the receiving end of prayer in healthcare, staying connected during school isolation; and more!

CMDA Today – Winter 2022

In the Winter 2022 Edition of CMDA Today, Building a Foundation to Recovery by David Holmes, MD, Healing from the Violence of Busyness by Emmy Yang, MD, MTS, Your Body Will Be Whole, by Kathryn Butler, MD, Losing Our Language to Bureaucratic Jargon by John Patrick, MD; and more!

CMDA Today – Spring 2023

In the Spring 2023 Edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, David and Katie Musser in the CMDA Residency [+] program, Dr. Jeffrey Barrows on applying the commands of Jesus to Christian advocacy in the public square, Eric Hussar, MD. discusses Abortion Pill Reversal, Dr. John Patrick on the source for morality in a post Christian world, and much more.

CMDA Today – Summer 2023

SUMMER 2023 Mental IllnessSummer 2023 Don’t Use Ice Picks for Brain Surgery June 1, 2023 The first time I ever heard of a lobotomy was in the early 1980s. I was a medical student, but I didn’t learn about it in class. Instead, I was in a darkened room with a bunch of other family…