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CMDA Statement on Capitol Violence

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations was shocked and appalled on January 6th by the rioters who attacked and invaded our nation’s Capitol while Congress was in session. We strongly condemn these acts of violence and lawlessness, specifically under the pretense of any righteous endeavor or the banner of Christ’s cross.
Physician-Assisted Suicide

Testimony: Michael H. Clark, MD

Testimony of Michael H. Clark, MD Against LD 1313 An Act to Enact the Maine Death with DignityAct
Human Trafficking

The Hyde Amendment’s Effect on Human-Trafficking Victims

Americans overwhelmingly oppose opening public coffers to the abortion industry.
AbortionContraceptivesRight to Life

Ethical Issues Regarding Post-Fertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives

I have prescribed "the Pill" since 1978. My wife and I used the Pill for years, having no moral concerns about it. Then, in 1995 my friend and practice partner John Hartman, MD, showed me a patient information brochure--given to him by a friend--that claimed the Pill had a postfertilization effect causing "...the unrecognized loss of preborn children."
Faith & Health

Spiritual Skills Are Too Important To Be Left to Pastoral Specialists

Family physicians should use their “practical tool for spiritual assessment.” Is such a tool either wise or ethical? Recent commentaries would suggest not.
Physician-Assisted SuicideTestimony

Dr. David Stevens Testimony Against Physician-assisted Suicide

It is dangerous for physicians. It wrongly assumes physicians are always ideal moral agents. They are not. I know doctors I would refer my loved ones to, but I also know doctors I wouldn’t let treat my dog.
Physician-Assisted Suicide

Why Physician-Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legal

The statement above is the foundational moral principle of medicine, pledged by doctors for centuries as they attempt to cure and relieve suffering without injuring the patient. It’s a principle being eroded by the movement to legalize physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and euthanasia. When combined with an impersonal and technological healthcare system, the movement to support PAS has proven lethal.
Freedom of Faith and ConscienceRight of Conscience

What the Hobby Lobby Ruling Means to People of Faith

The Times wrongly asserts that the Supreme Court's decision on the Obamacare contraceptives mandate "could embolden employers to assert a 'religious' right to deny other health benefits to their employees — from immunization to blood transfusions to psychotherapy — or to discriminate in other ways.
First AmendmentFreedom of Speech

The Rights of the Religious

The Times rightly defends but wrongly interprets a federal law that forbids the government from imposing "substantial burdens" on the exercise of religious convictions and requires federal officials to pursue the "least restrictive means" of achieving any "compelling interest."
Physician-Assisted Suicide

Testimony: William J. Lawton, MD

Testimony regarding Massachusetts House Bill 1998, Compassionate Aid in Dying.
Physician-Assisted Suicide

Testimony: Amanda Lucashu

Testimony to the Connecticut Public Health Committee opposing SB 48 to legalize physician-assisted suicide.

Rape is Violence–So is Abortion

The issue of aborting a rape-induced pregnancy recently rocked a Senate campaign. The images it summons of violation, unfairness and burden assure the topic instantly launches infuriated responses.