September 24, 2019

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength…” (Isaiah 30:15, NIV 1984).

A resident I know who loves the Lord and is dedicated to following God’s will for life told me his story at a conference recently: “In order to complete the mission God has for my life, he showed me I needed to travel far away to a city where I know no one. I learned recently that the period of time required there would cost me $5,000, money I do not have. I prayed, exasperated, for God to help me with the cost and help me get there. The next day, I was visiting a house church where people prayed for me and for God’s will in my life. I did not tell them of my financial need, or my prayers, in any way. When the prayers were completed, a woman sitting by me—a total stranger who I had never met—told me that God had asked her to help me. She handed me a check that I tried unsuccessfully to refuse. I thanked her, placed it in my pocket, without looking at it until I got home. When I opened it…there was the $5,000 I had asked God for the day before! It was a true miracle, without a doubt.”

Why does God do stuff like this?

We all have seen it happen on rare occasions. Why does He sometimes step into our lives in ridiculously marvelous ways and accomplish what we cannot accomplish ourselves?

How does He decide when to do it?

Why not now?

Why not for me, now?

Praise God that He intervenes at all. Praise God that this young doctor will receive the training he needs. Praise God he can look at his patients with faith that God works real miracles.

Praise God for all the sick He heals. Praise God for all the addicted He unchains. Praise God for all the lost He brings home. All of this is His power intervening in our world, His incarnation begun with Christ, continued with His Holy Spirit.

Praise God! And then we ask, “Why not now? Why not for me, now?”

Resting in His arms, trusting in His love, confident of His power, even as we ask such questions: this is what faith is made of.

Dear Father,
Praise Your name for Your power that we so often witness in this world, power through which all things eternal are accomplished. Let me rest in Your powerful arms.

Al Weir, MD

Al Weir, MD

After leaving academic medicine, Dr. Weir served in private practice at the West Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee from 1991-2005 before joining the CMDA staff as Vice President of Campus & Community Ministries where he served for three years from 2005-2008. He is presently Professor of Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Program Director for the Hematology/Oncology fellowship program. He is also President of Albanian Health Fund, an educational ministry to Albania where he has been serving for 20 years. He is the author of two books: When Your Doctor Has Bad News and Practice by the Book. Dr. Weir’s work has also been published in many medical journals and other publications. Al and his wife Becky live in Memphis, Tennessee, and they have three children and three grandchildren. Dr. Weir is currently serving on CMDA's Board of Trustees.