Todays Christian Doctor Fall 2018
Fall 2018Physician-Assisted Suicide

How Big Are Your Rocks?

Did you have a sling shot when you were a kid? I did, and I used to pick up rocks and pebbles from our driveway to use as ammunition when I plinked tree trunks, scared birds away from eating our garden and knocked cans off a stone wall.
Fall 2018Side-by-Side

Side By Side: Changing Lives for 30 Years

After an interviewing trip in 1987, my husband announced he wanted to complete his residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. To this day, I still remember hearing myself say, “That’s fine, honey. We could go there and have a ministry to internationals because many people from all parts of the world come there for training and then return to their homeland. It would be a great reverse mission field!”
Fall 2018MalpracticeMedical Career

Sued or Fired? Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster

Would you prefer to endure a medical malpractice lawsuit, or would you rather be terminated from your employment? Is there much difference in your emotional rollercoaster ride with either option? Would you want somebody who has ridden that rollercoaster before to assure you that the hellish ride will eventually finish?
AcademicFall 2018Students

VIE Poster Session: Supporting Academic Medicine through Good Craftsmanship

Throughout history, Christian academics were renowned for their scientific excellence. For a variety of reasons, “Christian” and “scientist” now seem like contradictory terms to many people.