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Healthcare for the PoorInternational Healthcare

Christian Doctor’s Digest – February 2018

Dr. David Stevens chats with Ben Cort about recovery, prevention, and harm reduction which comes from his own struggle with substance abuse. Also, Market Place Missions/Remedy Missions Conference Speaker, Larry McCrary discusses church planting.
EuthanasiaPhysician-Assisted SuicideSexuality

Christian Doctor’s Digest – February 2014

Discussions with Walt Larimore, MD about his book Ultimate Guy’s Body Book, with Kennon Vaughn about evangelism through Downline Ministries, and an update on Physician Assisted Suicide in Montana with David Hafer, DDS.
EuthanasiaPhysician-Assisted Suicide

Christian Doctor’s Digest – January 2018

In this month’s episode, Dr. David Stevens chats with Laurence G. Worthen about physicians and dentists who share a common goal to fully integrate their Christian faith with professional practice and an update on Physician-Assisted Suicide in Canada. Also, Nathan D'Jiim discusses his work for the Lord.
Healthcare for the PoorInternational Healthcare

Christian Doctor’s Digest – November 2017

Reaching out to our world & those in need. Pat George discusses the opioid epidemic and where we can find help for those in addiction. Bob Bowers, MD shares from his book With Dr. Bob in Ethiopia, relating powerful stories of God’s goodness during difficult times on the mission field. Then John Patrick, MD and John Robson recount their story of how to present your witness to intelligent unbelievers.
Freedom of Faith and ConscienceInternational HealthcareReligious FreedomSexuality

Christian Doctor’s Digest – October 2017

In the October 2017 issue of Christian Doctor’s Digest, we delve into the issues of Religious Liberty, the Sexology Movement and World Missions. Former Congressman Joe Pitt shares about what has and is happening in Congress to protect Religious Liberty. In an eye-opening & sometimes EXPLICIT interview, Bill Shaw, MD informs us about how we can respond to the rapidly changing Sexology Movement. Will Rogers talks about the unprecedented opportunities being found today in Medical Missions.
Freedom of Faith and ConscienceReproductive Technology

Christian Doctor’s Digest – August 2017

In the August 2017 issue of Christian Doctor’s Digest, we seek to equip our members to face the challenges in our world today. James Garlow shares from his book Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Questions about how to handle some of the issues facing us that would have seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. Jeff Keenan, MD brings an update on the National Embryo Donation Center and the important live saving work being done there. Plus Casy Mattox helps us understand the facts about Academic Freedom and the battle for Right of Conscience protections.
MarriageMarriage Enrichment Weekends

Christian Doctor’s Digest – May 2017

The May 2017 issue of Christian Doctor’s Digest all about empowering you to make an impact in your community and our world for Christ. Dennis Rainey shares about resources and methods to help your teens remain pure in our sexually saturated culture. Participants in a CMDA Marriage Enrichment Weekend conference share about the ways it helped them make their marriages stronger. Bert Jones and Dr. David Stevens share from their book Servant Leadership about how to lead like Christ did, as a servant to all.
AbortionSanctity of LifeSexuality

Christian Doctor’s Digest – April 2017

We present 3 valuable interviews to help you engage the culture. Valerie Huber joins us to discuss what is happening in our country as the “progressive” curriculum of Sex Ed is expanding. Then Os Guinness shares from his book Impossible People on how to be courageous with our worldviews. And Jeanne Mancini gives us an update on the battle for life in this country.
Faith & HealthHealthcare for the Poor

Christian Doctor’s Digest – February 2017

The relation between faith & health is examined with Dr. Tyler VanderWeele about his research findings of church attendance & better health outcomes. Then Bert Jones shares from a message he gave on Psalm 91 about abiding in the secret place. And Ellie Lafario comes to the microphone with wit & insight to discuss her book Leap of Faith.
FaithFaith & Health

Christian Doctor’s Digest – November 2016

Ben Mast shares from his book Second Forgetting, the Power of the Gospel During Alzheimer’s about helping caregivers find hope during this most difficult time. Chuck Thompson expounds on his book Presence & Truth about Christian counseling concepts to help us deal with others. Albert Mohler concludes the discussion of his book The Conviction to Lead on leadership principles.
Freedom of Faith and ConscienceTransgender

Christian Doctor’s Digest – October 2016

Preparing us as wise Christians to fight some of the evils in our world. Charles Fay discusses how to guide our children in making good digital decisions as they interact with the web and electronic devices. Allan Josephson, MD explores the issues surrounding the Transgender movement and how it affects every healthcare professional. Albert Mohler delves into the issue of Right of Conscience, how to approach it and how to applies to ourselves and our patients.
Healthcare ReformInternational HealthcareSexualityTransgender

Christian Doctor’s Digest – August 2016

Changes are occurring in our world today. Karl Benzio, MD discusses the Transgender issue and the changes that result from it. Robert Lerer, MD shares about the changes in Cuba as the US Government opens the door for travel and the opportunities that presents. Peter Anderson, MD opens his book Lost & Found that was written to assist our patients with all the changes to the practice of medicine, including Electronic Medical Records.