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Christian Doctor’s Digest – May 2014

Helping you overcome the challenges you face everyday. Mark Gregston shares from his book Tough Guys and Drama Queens about raising teenagers. Katherine Welch, MD discusses Human Trafficking and how we can make a difference in the fight. Then Babak Iranmanesh, MD shares his testimony on how he came to Christ from a Muslim background.
FamilyFinancesManaging Money

Christian Doctor’s Digest – April 2014

Offering interviews to inspire and equip you in God’s service. We begin with John Patrick, MD on how to reach the young with Apologetics. Then Jason Dykstra, MD shares about his family’s unusual approach to funding mission opportunities and giving. Eric Edwards, MD tells the story of creating a new auto injector for Epinefrin.
Faith & Health

Christian Doctor’s Digest – November 2013

Erin Brynn shares from her book Finding Roses in the Dust. Dr. Louis Lugo from the Pew Forum discusses those who choose NONE as their religious affiliation. Tim Goeglein opens his book The Man in the Middle about working in the second Bush White House. And Al Weir, MD shares about his weekly devotional for CMDA.
Physician-Assisted SuicideRight of ConscienceSanctity of Life

Christian Doctor’s Digest – October 2013

Exploring difficult situations. Matt Anderson, MD shares his story of being fired for presenting a Christian talk at his hospital and the Right of Conscience battle that ensued. Byron Calhoun, MD discusses perinatal hospice and the difficult journey of losing a child. Then Rob Moll shares from his book The Art of Dying.

Christian Doctor’s Digest – August 2013

We discuss new Christian Medical Schools opening across the country at Liberty University, William Carey University and Campbell University. Then Joe McIlhaney, MD shares from his book Girls Uncovered & Casual Consequences.
Human Trafficking

Christian Doctor’s Digest – May 2013

Interviews about children. Robb Brandt, MD shares from his book You Deserved a Better Father. Jedd Medefind discusses the Christian Alliance for Orphans. Deena Graves enlightens us about Human Trafficking in the US and strategies to combat it. Then Richard Swenson, MD talks about writing his book Last Flight Out of Oz with his son.
Faith & HealthMalpractice

Christian Doctor’s Digest – April 2013

Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD shares from her book Set Free To Live. Wendy Kang, MD, JD discusses Medical Malpractice and the CMDA ministry to help those going through that difficult process. Then we bring you a chapel message from David Stevens, MD about overcoming what is dragging you down.
AbortionPro-LifeSanctity of Life

Christian Doctor’s Digest – January 2013

On a special January 2013 issue of Christian Doctor’s Digest, we focus on the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade and the impact that has had on our nation. Gianna Jessen shares her testimony and about the movie inspired by her life, October Baby. Priscilla Coleman discusses the issue of depression that often affects women who have had abortions. Brian Stillwell, MD explains the Endowment for Human Development and the tools they provide in helping us learn about unborn life. Dr. John Wilke, the “father” of the right to live movement, talks about the movement’s early history and where it is going now.