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Christian Doctor’s Digest – May 2016

The May 2016 issue of Christian Doctor’s Digest tackles the issue of Human Dignity, how to each others & influence our world, and then a practical application of human dignity through medical missions. John Kilner shares from his book Dignity & Destiny: Humanity in the Image of God. Tom West, MD helps prepare us to share our knowledge and faith as physicians to non-medical audiences. A dentist from the Middle East shares about helping Syrian refugees and the plight of those in refugee camps.
Freedom of Faith and ConscienceSexuality

Christian Doctor’s Digest – April 2016

Public Policy comes to the forefront as we discuss ways to impact the world around us. Phil Lees brings the issues to the local level with an EXPLICIT discussion of Comprehensive Sexual Education being taught in our schools today. Richard Swenson, MD talks about the State of Medicine and examines how we can be a beacon of hope to our colleagues. Jonathan Imbody shares from his book Faith Steps about how you can get involved with public policy.
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Christian Doctor’s Digest – February 2016

Christian Doctor’s Digest brings you a few of your favorites! Richard Swenson, MD shares about the state of our world today and the coming End Times. John Patrick, MD discusses the necessity of belief and how that shapes our worldview. Plus we introduce Jeff Anderson as the CMDA Director of Gift Planning!
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Christian Doctor’s Digest – November 2015

Explore ways to bolster the foundational blocks of religious liberty and family. Ken Carpenter discusses his movie, One Generation Away, and the fight to preserve our religious liberty in this country. Then Mark True, MD & Kim Hawthorne join us to tell us about a new CMDA retreat in Colorado to strengthen the bonds between fathers and their teenage children.
Faith & HealthFinancesManaging Money

Christian Doctor’s Digest – October 2015

Dr. John West explores the misuse of science for political purposes and the impact it has on our culture. David Player, MD explains the practice model of Executive Medicine. Ron Blue expounds on knowing how much is enough in relation to our income, savings, giving and what we leave behind once we are gone.
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Christian Doctor’s Digest – August 2015

Focusing on the foundational principles that are the bedrock of Christian medicine. Warren Kinghorn, MD discusses Medical Professionalism & the covenant relationship we have with our patients. Steve Furr, MD explores the issue of Family Practice in a small rural setting & the challenges that come with it. Robert Orr, MD delves into the topic of Same Sex Marriage & CMDA’s public policy statements on it. In this episode...
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Christian Doctor’s Digest – June 2015

Seeking to equip you better to deal with the issues we face each day. John Patrick, MD helps prepare us to take our witness into the public square as we speak out on bio-ethical issues. Peter Anderson, MD shows us a new way to deal with the Electronic Medical Records in our practices. John Dunlop shares from his book Wellness for the Glory of God about how we can glorify God through our bodies.

Christian Doctor’s Digest – April 2015

Outreach to those around us for the Kingdom. Jim Cymbala, pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, shares from his book Storm about churches having a better outreach into their communities. Nabeel Qureshi, MD discusses the Interface with God & Science and how to incorporate that into our witness to Muslim colleagues.
CoachingHuman Trafficking

Christian Doctor’s Digest – February 2015

Dr. David Stevens is joined by Dr. Alveda King about her book King Rules, Dr. Steve Sartori and Dr. Ann Tsen about CMDA's new coaching program and Theresa Flores about human trafficking.
Physician-Assisted SuicideRight of ConscienceSame-Sex MarriageSanctity of Life

Christian Doctor’s Digest – November 2014

Dr. David Stevens' guests on this edition of Christian Doctor's Digest include John Stonestreet about a thoughtful approach to same-sex marriage, Jonathan Imbody on the healthcare right of conscience and Drs. Charles Smith and John Elsen with a walk down memory lane.

Christian Doctor’s Digest – October 2014

In the October 2014 edition of Christian Doctor's Digest, Dr. David Stevens interviews Dr. Randall Owen about witnessing in practice, Dr. Bruce Steffes with an update on the Pan-African Academy of Surgeons and Drs. John Kempen and Scott Lawrence about the Discovery Eye Institute.

Christian Doctor’s Digest – August 2014

Practical advice is the word of the day. Haddon Robinson joins us to teach how to apply the Bible to the 21st century and make it relevant to our culture. Bob Orr, MD shares from his book Medical Ethics & the Faith Factor about clinical decision making at the bedside. Chap Clark discusses how to make our kid’s faith stick with them into adulthood. can glorify God through our bodies.