Formerly Today's Christian Doctor

CMDA Today (Formerly Today’s Christian Doctor™) is a full-color, quarterly magazine devoted to today’s issues in healthcare, including inspirational testimonies from fellow Christian healthcare professionals, public policy updates, glimpses into the future of healthcare and examples of how to integrate your faith into your practice.

This quarterly journal is distributed to our members. Many of our members tell us their families and patients enjoy reading this award-winning publication. While articles teach healthcare professionals how to integrate faith into their practice, it also includes testimonials from fellow Christian healthcare professionals, stories from the mission field and information on public policy issues.

Archived Issues:

CMDA Today – Fall 2022

In the Fall 2022 edition of CMDA Today, mentoring- contributing to the success of the next generation, the landmark Dobbs case decision, organizational diversity, being on the receiving end of prayer in healthcare, staying connected during school isolation; and more!

CMDA Today – Summer 2022

In the Summer 2022 edition of CMDA Today, find out how one doctor discovered her passion and calling for the pre-born; hear about how a medical school is also training students in Spanish; learn how CMDA is playing a major role in the Ukranian war; explore with our columnist, Dr. John Patrick, how Christian ethics in healthcare today differs from its secular counterpart; and more!

CMDA Today – Spring 2022

In the Spring 2022 edition of CMDA Today, learn how God’s Word can help you de-stress, hear from a doctor about how she believes the healthcare industry should return to its roots, join CMDA in welcoming two new missions ministries, receive continuing education credit for a new course on transgender identification, follow Dr. John Patrick’s bioethics column and more!

Today’s Christian Doctor – Fall 2018

In the fall 2018 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Kenneth Lim, MD, considers how to sustain a lifetime of emotionally healthy spirituality in medicine. We look at CMDA’s Medical Malpractice Ministry, our Side By Side ministry, our VIE Poster Sessions, and Dr. Stevens discusses facing California as we fight Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Today’s Christian Doctor – Summer 2018

In the summer 2018 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Dr. Al Weir discusses an important question for all healthcare professionals: when is the right time to retire from practicing? Other topics include the latest bioethical issues in gene editing, finding community in healthcare and standing up for your beliefs in the workplace.

Today’s Christian Doctor – Spring 2018

In the spring 2018 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Dr. Stephen Manchester outlines how you can integrate spiritual care into opioid treatment in your practice. Other topics include standing up against physician-assisted suicide, cultivating culture and applying what you learn on a mission trip to your everyday life.

Today’s Christian Doctor – Winter 2017

In the winter 2017 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Dr. Mark Crouch explores the role of Christian healthcare professionals in authentic community development. Other topics include CMDA’s newest missions conference, relief work after Hurricane Harvey, the Psychiatry Section and an exclusive interview with the President of the American Medical Association.

Today’s Christian Doctor – Fall 2017

In the fall 2017 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Dr. Walt Larimore explores ways you can incorporate spiritual care into your busy schedule. Other topics include the importance of spiritual training, overcoming burnout and more.

Today’s Christian Doctor – Summer 2017

In the summer 2017 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Ron Brown highlights the results of Global Health Outreach’s long-term strategy in missions. Other topics include the opioid epidemic, fellowship in healthcare and sharing experiences with students.

Today’s Christian Doctor – Spring 2017

In the spring 2017 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, we examine the foundations of professionalism in healthcare. Other topics include a new program for neurologists, vaccines, fully surrendering to God and more.

Archived Individual Articles

Faith & HealthPsychiatryWinter 2017

Camaraderie in Faith: How CMDA’s Psychiatry Section Found Strength in Numbers

This patient—we’ll call him “Howard”—was suffering from a moderately progressed stage of Huntington’s disease and the depression that often accompanies the illness. After failing numerous antidepressant medications, his depression had not improved.
Medical MissionsWinter 2017

Providing Healing After the Hurricane

CMDA Member Dr. Cindy Anthis found herself facing an unexpected situation when her local community in Texas was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. In this article from the winter 2017 edition of Today's Christian Doctor, Dr. Anthis shares how her clinic responded to the hurricane and its aftermath.
Healthcare for the PoorMedical MissionsWinter 2017

Remedy: Healing for the Nations

In this article from the winter 2017 edition of Today's Christian Doctor, Dr. David Stevens introduces Remedy, CMDA's new medical missions conference.
CultureMedical MissionsWinter 2017

Development: Genuine Change Through Partnership

What is the role of Christian healthcare professionals in authentic community development? Dr. Mark Crouch discovers this topic in the cover story from the winter 2017 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.
Fall 2018Physician-Assisted Suicide

How Big Are Your Rocks?

Did you have a sling shot when you were a kid? I did, and I used to pick up rocks and pebbles from our driveway to use as ammunition when I plinked tree trunks, scared birds away from eating our garden and knocked cans off a stone wall.
Fall 2018Side-by-Side

Side By Side: Changing Lives for 30 Years

After an interviewing trip in 1987, my husband announced he wanted to complete his residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. To this day, I still remember hearing myself say, “That’s fine, honey. We could go there and have a ministry to internationals because many people from all parts of the world come there for training and then return to their homeland. It would be a great reverse mission field!”
Fall 2018MalpracticeMedical Career

Sued or Fired? Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster

Would you prefer to endure a medical malpractice lawsuit, or would you rather be terminated from your employment? Is there much difference in your emotional rollercoaster ride with either option? Would you want somebody who has ridden that rollercoaster before to assure you that the hellish ride will eventually finish?
AcademicFall 2018Students

VIE Poster Session: Supporting Academic Medicine through Good Craftsmanship

Throughout history, Christian academics were renowned for their scientific excellence. For a variety of reasons, “Christian” and “scientist” now seem like contradictory terms to many people.
AgeDental CareerSpring 2016

Angels in Dentures

We were approaching the end of our fourth and final day in Alianza, Honduras, and our team still had a lot of flippers (partial dentures) to make. We were particularly focused on a flipper for 16-year-old Maria. Her top two front teeth were extracted and the other two front teeth filled because of extensive decay. Unfortunately, soda is cheaper than bottled water in Honduras, and decay is rampant.
Medical CareerSpring 2016

Outside the Box: Doctors in Nontraditional Careers

My favorite part of medicine is the moments I spend in direct patient care and in talking with specialists about patients. All the rest of it I find pretty unsatisfying. I feel limited by my inefficiency as well as pretty painful hand arthritis, so I had mixed feelings about the prospect of increasing my hours doing medicine after my kids were launched.
Christian LivingSpring 2016

Interview with an American Ninja Warrior

In 2015, Richard Shoemaker, MD, an emergency room physician living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, found himself in the national spotlight while competing on American Ninja Warrior. On this NBC show, competitors battle through a series of challenging obstacle courses in both city qualifying and city finals rounds across the country.
DentistryMedical MissionsSpring 2016

Finding Your Mission in Dentistry

As I entered “Ms. V’s” room, I could see her neck and leg braces, and as I came around the dental chair to greet her, I could see pain in her face. Two days before, she was hit by a car while crossing the road and her two front teeth were broken all the way to the nerve. It was obvious her entire body hurt, but she said the pain from her teeth was simply unbearable.