Formerly Today's Christian Doctor

CMDA Today (Formerly Today’s Christian Doctor™) is a full-color, quarterly magazine devoted to today’s issues in healthcare, including inspirational testimonies from fellow Christian healthcare professionals, public policy updates, glimpses into the future of healthcare and examples of how to integrate your faith into your practice.

This quarterly journal is distributed to our members. Many of our members tell us their families and patients enjoy reading this award-winning publication. While articles teach healthcare professionals how to integrate faith into their practice, it also includes testimonials from fellow Christian healthcare professionals, stories from the mission field and information on public policy issues.

Archived Issues:

Save and Support Lives with Abortion Pill Reversal

Rebecca had eight months to go before finishing nursing school and was in an unhealthy relationship when she found out she was pregnant. She had no car and little income, and she certainly did not feel ready to have a baby.

CMDA Today – Spring 2023

In the Spring 2023 Edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, David and Katie Musser in the CMDA Residency [+] program, Dr. Jeffrey Barrows on applying the commands of Jesus to Christian advocacy in the public square, Eric Hussar, MD. discusses Abortion Pill Reversal, Dr. John Patrick on the source for morality in a post Christian world, and much more.

CMDA Today – Winter 2022

In the Winter 2022 Edition of CMDA Today, Building a Foundation to Recovery by David Holmes, MD, Healing from the Violence of Busyness by Emmy Yang, MD, MTS, Your Body Will Be Whole, by Kathryn Butler, MD, Losing Our Language to Bureaucratic Jargon by John Patrick, MD; and more!

CMDA Today – Fall 2022

In the Fall 2022 edition of CMDA Today, mentoring- contributing to the success of the next generation, the landmark Dobbs case decision, organizational diversity, being on the receiving end of prayer in healthcare, staying connected during school isolation; and more!

CMDA Today – Summer 2022

In the Summer 2022 edition of CMDA Today, find out how one doctor discovered her passion and calling for the pre-born; hear about how a medical school is also training students in Spanish; learn how CMDA is playing a major role in the Ukranian war; explore with our columnist, Dr. John Patrick, how Christian ethics in healthcare today differs from its secular counterpart; and more!

CMDA Today – Spring 2022

In the Spring 2022 edition of CMDA Today, learn how God’s Word can help you de-stress, hear from a doctor about how she believes the healthcare industry should return to its roots, join CMDA in welcoming two new missions ministries, receive continuing education credit for a new course on transgender identification, follow Dr. John Patrick’s bioethics column and more!

Today’s Christian Doctor – Fall 2018

In the fall 2018 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Kenneth Lim, MD, considers how to sustain a lifetime of emotionally healthy spirituality in medicine. We look at CMDA’s Medical Malpractice Ministry, our Side By Side ministry, our VIE Poster Sessions, and Dr. Stevens discusses facing California as we fight Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Today’s Christian Doctor – Summer 2018

In the summer 2018 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Dr. Al Weir discusses an important question for all healthcare professionals: when is the right time to retire from practicing? Other topics include the latest bioethical issues in gene editing, finding community in healthcare and standing up for your beliefs in the workplace.

Today’s Christian Doctor – Spring 2018

In the spring 2018 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Dr. Stephen Manchester outlines how you can integrate spiritual care into opioid treatment in your practice. Other topics include standing up against physician-assisted suicide, cultivating culture and applying what you learn on a mission trip to your everyday life.

Today’s Christian Doctor – Winter 2017

In the winter 2017 edition of Today’s Christian Doctor, Dr. Mark Crouch explores the role of Christian healthcare professionals in authentic community development. Other topics include CMDA’s newest missions conference, relief work after Hurricane Harvey, the Psychiatry Section and an exclusive interview with the President of the American Medical Association.

Archived Individual Articles

Freedom of Faith and ConscienceReligious FreedomSummer 2017


In 1971, John Lennon published a song by the title “Imagine.” In a slow, dreamy cadence, the Beatles musician invites the listener to, “Imagine there’s no heaven; it’s easy if you try; no hell below us; above us only sky.” He continues, “Imagine there’s no countries; it isn’t hard to do; nothing to kill or die for; and no religion, too. Imagine all the people, living life in peace.”
OverdoseOvermedicationSummer 2017

A Life Broken by Overmedication

In my previous life, I was Dr. Sandy Dettmann, the director of pediatric emergency services at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I lived in a 6,000 sq. foot, custom-built home in the affluent suburb of Ada, had a gorgeous husband, was mother to five beautiful babies, served as president of my young children’s PTO and was my daughter’s Girl Scout leader. It was an idyllic and seemingly perfect life. But it didn’t last.
Medical MissionsSummer 2017

Send Them, & Go With Them

In July 2012, I was lying in an emergency department in Destin, Florida, wondering how a little gallbladder could cause me so much pain. I prayed for the pain to stop, and thankfully it did. The problem, however, did not go away. And as I headed home from the beach the next day, I grew more and more anxious about the upcoming healthcare mission trip to Haiti I was scheduled to go on in just two weeks with CMDA’s Global Health Outreach (GHO).
Medical MissionsSummer 2017

Transforming Ecuador

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “Short-term mission trips are a waste. They do more harm than good. Americans only go on mission trips to help feel better about themselves and their lives. Short-term teams aren’t trained to serve cross-culturally.
Medical MissionsSummer 2017

My Transformation Story – featuring Dr. David and Carol McFarland

We could give you a list a mile long with statistics about the work we do around the world. But those numbers don’t really show the amazing things God is doing through us as we seek to be "Transformed Doctors, Transforming the World."
AbortionImmunizationsSpring 2017Vaccines

“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

“Can I ethically immunize my kids with a vaccine that has been produced using cells from an aborted baby?” The caller asking the question seemed to be sincere. During Stand to Reason’s call-in podcast, the questions vary widely—the nature of God, evangelism, ethics—and host Greg Koukl does a great job thinking on his feet and applying a biblical worldview.
Faith & HealthMedical MissionsSpring 2017

From Lost to Found: Transforming Hearts

My story starts out pretty normal, and you’ve probably heard stories just like this from others. As a child, I was raised in a good Christian home. I went to church on Sundays, was active in youth group and loved the Lord. I was saved when I was 11 or 12 years old, and I stayed involved in church until I graduated high school.
DentalFaith & HealthSpring 2017

My Transformation Story featuring Bill Sasser, DMD

We could give you a list a mile long with statistics about the work we do around the world. But those numbers don’t really show the amazing things God is doing through us as we seek to be "Transformed Doctors, Transforming the World."
Sexual MisconductSpring 2017

Professionalism in Healthcare: Medical Ethics and Jurisprudence

Sexual conduct between a doctor and a patient…is strictly forbidden. In ethical terms, it’s a never event. In a legal sense, it can be a crime. Physicians know it’s a line that can’t be crossed—it’s a prohibition as old as the Hippocratic Oath.”
GovernmentWinter 2016

Engage Your Government

By the time you read these words, America will have finally chosen a new president after seemingly endless years of primary races, campaigning, debates and grudge matches pitting candidate against candidate. Chances are, whether you voted for the eventual winner or not, you shoulder at least some measure of concern for the future of our country.
ChurchWinter 2016

Engage Your Church: Outside the Walls

A few months ago, a student came up after our CMDA weekly campus luncheon and exclaimed, “I am so glad for CMDA! This is my church.” That statement is great affirmation of the work God is doing in our local groups and in the lives of students. However, it also raises an important question about the role of CMDA within the broader body of Christ—the church.
Faith & HealthStudentsWinter 2016

Engage Your Campus

Around 6 p.m. on any given Tuesday night from August to May, cars begin to line the street in front of our house and medical students from Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine parade into our home. Together, we share a home-cooked meal, praise God with worship songs, participate in a Bible study and hang out afterward for a time of fellowship.